Sarah McCarthy for Denver Clerk & Recorder

Sarah McCarthy’s Resume


  • Directed the automation of the Colorado Department of Personnel predominantly through the redirection of existing resources, saving taxpayer dollars.

  • Designed, implemented and directed the felony case scheduling system for Delaware’s Superior Court, reducing average time from arrest to trial from approximately 180 days to 62 days, saving taxpayer dollars.

  • As a foster parent, successfully lobbied to change Colorado’s Child Protection laws to add protections for newborns at risk for abuse and neglect (creating CRS 19-3-508 (e)(I))


  • Served as League of Women Voters of Denver expert on election balloting issues, testifying before Denver City Council on behalf of the League.

  • Supervised the production of League of Women Voters of Denver “Ballot Issues: Pros and Cons” brochures distributed to thousands of Denver voters.

  • Held various leadership roles in political campaigns.


  • Served as Neighborhood Liaison for Mayor Wellington E. Webb.

  • Created a mail response system eliminating six-week backlog for Governor Richard D. Lamm.

  • Served as Congressional Intern in offices of Congressmen Pete DuPont (R-DE) and Tony Roncalio (R-Wyo)


  • Served as Interim Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

  • Secured $1.5 million in grant dollars to rehabilitate or preserve public and private property, including several Denver Public Schools.

  • Estimated and reported the fiscal impact of hundreds of proposed bills for Colorado Legislature in non-partisan capacity.

  • Drafted, analyzed, and executed dozens of public and private entity contracts for services.

  • Currently direct a statewide non-profit organization whose mission is to build stronger healthier communities through partnerships.


  • Coordinated the task force responsible for creating Colorado State Government’s first Employee Substance Abuse Policy affecting 27,000 employees.

  • Acted in a strategic planning role in establishing Colorado State Government’s employees’ benefits menu plan that included the institution of a short-term disability policy.

  • Lobbied successfully for the creation of the Colorado State Senior Management Corps.

  • Represented the Office of State Planning & Budgeting on the Colorado “Better Air Campaign” that instituted the first “no-drive and no-burn days” to reduce particulate air pollution in metro Denver.


  • Served as Project Manager of complex million-dollar financing arrangements for the rehabilitation of affordable housing units.

  • Wrote and coordinated dozens of successful nominations for listing on the national and/or state register for historic places or as Denver Landmarks involving both public and private property.



Community Development

  • Served as Council District Representative on Denver’s Land Use and Transportation Planning Taskforce developing “Blueprint Denver”.

  • Led national award-winning initiative to identify and preserve Denver’s architecturally and historically significant schools

  • Led Joint Neighborhood Taskforce that successfully identified reuses to preserve the Washington Park Bathhouse.

  • Served as a Neighborhood Representative on South Broadway Marketplace Redevelopment Taskforce overseen by Denver Urban Renewal Authority.

  • Served on the Board of Directors of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation

  • Served on the Board of Directors of neighborhood association and its Neighborhood Plan Planning Committee

  • Served as the Neighborhood Representative on Denver’s organizing committee of its first recycling program.


  • By Governor Roy Romer - Board of Colorado State Board of Examiners of Architects; elected President.

  • By Mayor Wellington E. Webb - member of Denver Landmark Preservation Commission.


  • A+ Denver Committee, Facilities Subcommittee

  • President of the Board of Denver Free University

  • Parent Volunteer in children’s classrooms and fundraising